Free Classic Experiments
Demos for Teaching

Psychological tests online

For clinicians and their patients

  • Provide immediate and clear test results for high-quality diagnoses
  • Free clinicians to focus more on the patient
  • Save time and money (and trees!)
  • Can easily be applied in research and in clinical trials
  • Make rarely used tests easier to publish as well as application of tests in remote areas
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NeuroTask Scripting

Program an online experiment within an hour!

  • Liberates students and researchers from the slings and arrows of Internet-based programming
  • ... without limiting expert programmers
  • Sell or buy high-quality stimuli and scripts through the Task Store
  • ... for free or for a fee


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Custom research portals

For psychological and medical research

  • Provide a complete solution for testing patients and subjects at home
  • Great platforms for running clinical trials
  • Let you focus on what you do best: research. We'll do the rest
  • May include test batteries with existing tests or custom-built ones


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Why we do this

We are a company founded by psychological researchers and programmers. We want to help you to

  • Take advantage of the Internet for research, assessment, and diagnosis
  • Achieve excellence in experimental research
  • Write useful (and dare we say great?) programs for psychological experiments
  • Develop online experiments in hours not months

How we got here

In 1999, Prof. Jaap Murre's research group at the University of Amsterdam was one of the first in the world to use the Internet for online psychological experiments.

In the past fifteen years we have learned that most students and researchers in psychology have a very hard time learning to program online experiments, typically taking about six months to master this.

To share our experience with others, we founded a company that develops platforms and tools for online experimentation and clinical testing.

Several of our projects involved neuropsycholocal tests. On the basis of these experiences, we believe that Internet-based testing is now suitable for the clinic, if tests are done under close supervision of the clincian.


Programming your own online experiment from scratch is like writing an entire word processing program, just to edit a few letters.
client Jaap Murre— co-Founder NeuroTask