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What is a research portal?

NeuroTask counts major universities and research centers among its clients, which conduct research with a NeuroTask Research Portal. A typical portal contains the following elements:

  • Front-end access for your subjects/patients
  • Other front-end access for care-takers, spouse, etc.
  • Support for smart phones and tablets
  • Support for sound and video
  • Administration of test batteries
  • Subject administration (E-mail, tokens)
  • Data representation with export options to Excel, CSV, etc.
  • Different levels of access and security (nurses, doctors, researchers)
  • High security level (SSL, encryption, ISO 27001 certified server, etc.)
  • Cross-browser compatibility of tests and web elements

Not every portal will need all of this and many will need additional features, such as multi-lingual tests or access.

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Why get a research portal?

Research portals are turn-key solutions for online experiments

If your research consists of more than a few lists of survey questions, and involves cognitive or neuropsychological testing online (memory, attention, executive functions, etc.), a research portal will cover your needs.

NeuroTask grew out of our experiences with online psychological research conducted at the University of Amsterdam since 1999.

  • With fifteen years of experience in Internet-based experimental portals under our belt, we want you to benefit from our experiences. Our first online experiments had to run under the 'ancient' Internet Explorer 5 and we have lived through all developments on the Internet since then, testing well over 100,000 subjects online in dozens of experiments. We have put all this expertise into our research portals.
  • We feel that researchers should be able to focus on doing what they do best—research—and be free from worrying about technical issues.
  • Programming online experiments requires a different skill set than conducting good research. In our experience, most Ph.D. students or researchers require more than six months to program even a simple online experiment from scratch. This is not only a waste of time and money, but it typically also results in implementations that are not fully secure and not cross-browser compatible.
  • Hiring a programmer will solve your problem but may still take considerable time on your part to get what you want. Good programmers usually don't come cheap.
  • We are happy to give advice on how to improve the quality of your online experiments. Just tell us what you want to do and we'll help you out. If you want to do it your way entirely, that's fine too!
  • We are fanatic about making sure that experiments run well on all current types of hardware and browsers. The main problem of letting online experiments run smoothly is the constant development of the browser-technology on Internet. New developments make old solutions obsolete. People may be browsing on their desktop, tablet, phone, smart TV, smart whatever. We are constantly pursuing the latest ways to keep experiments working on these plaforms, or to prevent subjects from doing experiments on platforms you don't want.

NeuroTask Research Portals are complete solutions for your online research projects

Clients with NeuroTask Research Portals